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About Us

Fine Jewelry Since 1987

We are proud of our large collection of fine jewelry and we invite you to browse and ask questions. M. Lowe & Company has provided jewelry expertise on repairs and appraisals for over three decades. We offer many services and our attention to detail has gained us a loyal following of locals and jewelry connoisseurs from around the country. We hope our store can provide you with fine jewels that will become a part of your family traditions for years to come.

Our services range from the very simple, such as restringing pearl necklaces or repairing broken clasps, to the very precise and complicated, such as searching for a matching diamond in a vintage earring, or finding an exact match for a lost gem. We also offer engagement ring consultation services for couples — complete with champagne and diamond lessons. If you are interested in gemology we would be happy to talk to you. We are in the process of building a library of gemological reference guides as a free community service.


Community comes first…

M. Lowe & Company is proud to be an active and engaged part of the North Berkeley shopping and food district.  M. Lowe participates in all the local events, like the Taste of North Berkeley, Chocolate and Chalk Festival, and Snow Day. They are also active members who donate and fundraise for local schools and community organizations in the neighborhood and love to give back.