Clear Aquamarine ring surrounded by diamonds

Emerald-cut aquamarine ring

This beautiful clear blue emerald-cut aquamarine is set in 18K white gold. It is surrounded by several small white round diamonds — a true show-stopper.

Style Number: 200-1004
Price: $2,185.00

Sapphire and diamonds in white gold ring

Sapphire and white gold

A modern take on deco style. This ring is made of 18K white gold, with 8 round brilliant diamonds with a total weight of 0.14 carats. The center stone is a 3.10 carat oval blue/purple sapphire.

Style Number: 200-26
Price: $5,285.00

Ruby oval and baguette diamonds ring

Ruby oval with round and baguette diamonds

A special ring featuring a large estate oval ruby is surrounded by 14 diamonds of approximately 0.55 carats total weight, set in 14K white gold.

Style Number: 100-204
Price: $2,425.00

Blue topaz surrounded by diamonds ring

Checkerboard cut blue topaz surrounded by diamonds

Sky-blue topaz is set in 14K white gold and surrounded with diamonds. This ring takes in light and explodes with beauty.

Style Number: 200-1077
Price: $1,025.00

Amethyst and gold granulation ring

Amethyst ring set in gold with granulation

Yellow 22K granulation decorates the setting and band of this oval amethyst with a lovely rich purple hue. Exotic, eye-catching and fun.

Style Number: 200-1027
Price: $885.00

Oblong amethyst ring with diamonds in yellow gold

Oblong amethyst ring with diamonds in gold

The unusual long oval shape of this 1.75Ct amethyst sets this ring apart from the crowd. It is set in 14K yellow gold. On either side of the amethyst there are three round diamonds, with a total weight of 0.07carats.

Style Number: 200-953
Price: $630.00

Vintage-like Moonstone cabochon in 14K gold ring

Moonstone cabochon in 14K gold

The moonstone on this ring can only be described as “delicious.” it is a large oval cabochon of remarkably even clarity, with a silver shine. It is bezel set in yellow 14K yellow gold with antique styled construction along the band.

Style Number: 200-1048
Price: $1,575.00

Big cognac zircon ring

Big cognac zircon

This natural color zircon has a deliciously rich multicolor brown, like fine cognac. Set in 18K yellow gold with a high polish, it is bold and desirable.

Style Number: 200-807
Price: $2,885.00

Oblong amethyst ring with diamonds in yellow gold

Alexandrite and gold

Alexandrite is a remarkable gem that changes color in different lights. In sunlight it is greenish, and in candlelight it is reddish. It has often been described as “emerald by day, ruby by night.” This ring features a large oval alexandrite, bezel set in 18K yellow gold, with six round diamonds.

Style Number: 200-851
Price: $1,885.00

Yellow 14 karat ring with chrysoberyl cat’s eye

Chrysoberyl cat’s eye

Yellow 14 karat ring with one oval chrysoberyl cat’s eye.

Style Number: 200-1130
Price: $425.00

Yellow 24 karat ring with round sapphire

24K sapphire ring

Yellow 24 karat ring with one 0.50ct round sapphire.

Style Number: 200-1018
Price: $635.00

Rose gold & diamond ring

Rose gold & diamond

14k rose gold band, 24k gold bezel, brown diamond.

Style Number: 100-00346
Price: $3,300.00

Spessartite Briolette Necklace and Spessartite 18k Yellow Gold Ring Designed by M. Lowe & Company



Spessartite is a bright orange color gemstone, sometimes called Mandarin garnet. It can look like honey or amber.

Briolette Necklace
Spessartite briolettes on silk

Custom Ring Design
Spessartite ring in 18k yellow gold

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