Cognac diamond and gold medallion necklace

Cognac diamond and 22K gold medallion necklace

This exotic and sparkling necklace is made from 22K yellow gold and 5 cognac diamonds which are bezel set with bead edge detailing and gold medallions set into the chain.

Style Number: 165-18
Price: $3,100.00

Kyanite briolettes on swirly chain

Kyanite briolettes on swirly 14K yellow gold chain

This is a great necklace for anyone who loves kyanite. It features 12 intensely blue kyanite on a 16 inch 14K yellow gold chain with each link twirled into a straight line.

Style Number: 235-881
Price: $645.00

Handmade chain of natural pearls

Handmade chain of 18K yellow gold and natural pearls

Incredibly delicate and light this beautiful 16" handmade chain would be perfect when paired with another necklace such as a gold medallion pendant on a thin gold chain. Each link is handmade from 18K yellow gold and a natural pearl.

Style Number: 325-330
Price: $365.00

Diamond briolette necklace

Diamond briolettes on 14K gold necklace

Opulent yet casual. Refined, charming and unique. This necklace is 16" long, it is made from 14K yellow gold, and has 5 diamond briolettes, which sparkle enticingly.

Style Number: 165-100
Price: $1,985.00

Gold beads and drops curtain necklace

Gold beads and drops curtain necklace

A twinkling curtain of 18K yellow gold beads and drops hang from a chain of 14K yellow gold. This necklace is stylish and fun and would look great on its own or with another necklace, such as a strand of gems or a pendant.

Style Number: 445-136
Price: $665.00

Carved Buddha pendant necklace

Carved Buddha pendant necklace 14K gold

The Buddha is carved in mother of pearl and set in 14K yellow gold. This would be a wonderful gift for yourself or for someone who practices meditation.

Style Number: 230-288
Price: $445.00(sold)

South Sea pearls in grey, green, yellow

South Sea pearls - grey green and yellow

This luscious strand of south sea pearls has deep tones of green and yellow on top of the rich smoky grey typical of pearls from this region. There are 31 pearls, the necklace is 19” total length and has an 18K yellow gold clasp.

Style Number: 325-99
Price: $3,500.00

Labradorite and gold beads - multi strand necklace

Labradorite and gold beads multi strand

Necklace with strands of labradorite beads are studded with 18K yellow gold beads for a very plentiful, rich look. The labradorite beads have lots of rainbows and color play, and the gold beads offset the darker tones beautifully.

Style Number: 235-1028
Price: $665.00

Aquamarine beads 28" necklace

This necklace shows the variation in aquamarine beautifully with many large round beads strung on a simple silk chord. They have a very satisfying weight and the extra long length of this necklace makes it very extravagant.

Style Number: 235-982
Price: $665.00

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