Briolettes are teardrop gemstones suspended from a hole drilled into the top of the gem. This allows light to shine through the stone — showing it’s color and facets for a beautiful effect.

At M. Lowe & Company we make our briolette jewelry in the store, matching and contrasting colors in delightful combinations. If you would like a custom designed necklace we invite you to come to the store to mix and match briolettes. We will hang these on silver, gold or platinum chain, or turn them into lovely sparkling earrings.

Briolette Gemstones - Peridot

We are proud to present you with a glittering rainbow of stones, direct from every corner of the earth.

M. Lowe & Company has cultivated a 20 year relationship with the same supplier of fine gemstones. He and his team of global gem hunters send us the most remarkable and colorful specimens from around the world — and for prices that are simply not available to the average gem buyer.

Briolette necklaces make great presents. It is a nice way to give someone a really special gift that was designed just for them, by you, but executed with the expert craftsmanship of a professional.


Hand Made Jewelry

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